Current Projects

The Concepts in Motion group has conducted pioneering work in applying computational tools to the history of philosophy since 2009, has extensive experience with all aspects of the typical workflow of philosophers going computational (including OCR challenges, issues in corpus-selection and high-quality corpus-building), and has in-depth familiarity with a variety of computational methods. The group has strong, active collaborative links to the Benelux Digital Humanities community. The PI is a member of the Network Institute (NI) of VU University, a major player in the field of digital humanities in the Amsterdam area and the Netherlands, and has an extensive international network of experts in history and philosophy of logic, historical NLP, library and information science, and visualization in the Humanities.

CatVis: Visual Analytics for the World’s Library Data

Creative Industry Project (1 sep 2015 – 31 august 2019)

Golden Agents

NWO groot project (1 jan 2017-31 dec 2021)


VICI project (1 jan 2017-31 dec 2021)

Quine in  Context

BA Honours project (apr 2015-)