Hein van den Berg

hein_van_den_bergDepartment of Philosophy
University of Amsterdam
Oude Turfmarkt 143
Room 0.12
1012 GC Amsterdam (NL)
+31 (0)20 525 4532

Institute of Logic, Language and Computation

The Network Institute


Assistant Professor in Theoretical Philosophy
KNAW-laureate (HCKZ grant)

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My interests are in the history of philosophy, the history and philosophy of biology, philosophy of history, and the digital humanities. My speciality in history of philosophy concerns the development of German philosophy, logic, axiomatics, and philosophy of science from Wolff to Kant. In the history and philosophy of biology, my research has been focused on eighteenth-century physiology, teleology, embryology, and animal cognition. I have intensively studied debates in philosophy of history and historiography. I am further working on various digital humanities projects in philosophy.